Leading inset flueless gas fire brands

Inset gas fireplaces have become a favourite design choice for many households. They not only create a striking focal point for your living space but also enhance energy efficiency. This is because all the heat is retained in the chimney, making it 100% efficient, and the room warm. Additionally, it is easy to fit the inset gas fires into an existing fireplace. This way, you can enjoy the warmth of a living flame for your home whether you have a chimney or not. Here are inset flueless gas firebrands you should consider. 


The company has produced gas fires for more than 45 years and has earned a reputation for creating innovative designs, style and safety. Every Verine inset flueless gas fire is subjected to rigorous tests to provide high-quality gas fire. The brand offers a five-year guarantee, which shows how confident it is in its products. 


• The insets fit a wide variety of Verine frets 
• Products can be controlled manually or electronically 
• Available in different sizes and styles to fit in various living spaces 


• High priced products 

Eko Fires 

The company has been at the forefront of designing revolutionary gas and electric firebrands. Eko Fires boasts an extensive offering in diverse ranges, including iconic fire solutions that complement the interior of your living space. Their products challenge traditional designs while focusing on the needs of the customer and his expectations. Eko Fires inset flueless gas fire products feature essential performance measures like heat production, efficiency rating, and cost of running them to help users make an informed decision. 


• Flueless gas fires available in trim and fret options 
• The gas fires are 100% energy efficient 
• The running cost allows users to choose a product that suits their space 


• Most of them have a heat rating of 1.5-3.1 kW hence, may not warm the space adequately 

Valor Fires 

The brand has a standing reputation for producing high-quality gas and electric fires. The fires are available in a range of colours and designs, control types, fret styles and engine types to allow homeowners to choose the perfect fit for their space. If you don’t have a chimney, Valor’s full depth and Slimline options come in handy. The full-depth convectors combine radiant and convected heat for warmth in your living space while the Slimline design is designed for shallow fireplace openings. The model is available in select designs and has an open front for maximum efficiency. 


• Adaptable to existing fireplaces 
• Living areas with limited spaces can use Slimline designs 
• Affordable 
• Up to 89% energy efficiency 
• Inset fires are fitted with a glass front to prevent energy wastage and maximise efficiency 


• You may end up spending lots of cash on gas 
• Does not offer the traditional snap and pop of the real fire 

Flavel Gas Fires 

The brand dates back to the mid-17th century. Then the founders specialised in the production of armouries and gunpowder but later ventured into creating gas fires. Flavel fires are available in a range of traditional and contemporary styles to fit any living space. Apart from the inset flueless designs, the company also offers hole in the wall fire and outset designs. 


• Up to 93.5% energy efficiency 
• Fires available in a slimline design 
• The company offers a three-year warranty for all its products 


• Can only be installed in shallow fireplaces

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