Should you buy a propane gas fire pit?

Fire pits are becoming an increasingly popular solution to the problem of socialising outside in colder weather. They enable us to extend our outdoor living season by keeping us and our guests warm into the evening, and they can be a very attractive and useful addition to any outdoor living space. But they are not without their disadvantages. For example, who wants to keep chopping wood or buying briquettes to start a fire and keep it topped up all night?

Once you have lit your fire pit, the heat output can vary from poor to intense, but this is not within your control and can be frustrating as you try to regulate the warmth provided. There is also the problem of unwanted and irritating ash particles flying around – these can become a real nuisance if the wind gets up, and are terrible to clean up the next day. And what about that unpleasant and sometimes overwhelming smell? 

Well, there is a solution to all of these problems, in the form of the propane gas fire pit. Propane gas fire pits make a great addition to your garden and outdoor entertaining space, and overcome many of the shortcomings of traditional solid fuel and wood fire pits. For example, with a propane gas fired fire pit, you aren’t left battling an unresponsive flame, trying to coax heat out of a reluctant log or coal fire. Instead, you have the advantages of instant lighting and variable warmth that you can control and adjust to suit the requirements of your family and guests.

There is also no need to run around looking for branches to chop up as the flames die down, bacause you only need to keep the fire pit topped up with inexpensive propane gas. Your guests will be able to enjoy many hours sitting around your propane gas fire pit without finding themselves and their clothes coated with the lingering unpleasant smell of a traditional wood log fire, as propane gas produces no odour when it burns.

Finally, there will be no more wrestling around with firelighter, matches and taper with a propane gas fire pit, as they are very easy to ignite, with most contemporary models having a push button ignition. This means it couldn’t be simpler or quicker to keep your family and guests warm. 

Now that you have decided that a propane gas fire pit is the way to go for outdoor warmth and comfort, which style will you choose? You really are spoilt for choice. A style which is currently popular is the table , whereby the fire pit is sunk into the middle of a table with a large surrounding area for food and drinks top be placed upon. One useful advantage of this is that it provides a natural safety barrier between the flame and any children who might be with your party. Your guests can stay safe and warm whilst enjoying your hospitality.

These fire pits are particularly suited to a patio. Others are smaller circular of square portable firepits, which can be positioned wherever they are needed. These can be selected in colours and designs to fit your overall garden d├ęcor. You’ll need to take size into consideration when choosing your fire pit – as a rule of thumb, choose the largest fire pit you can fit into your entertaining space, whilst still allowing room for people to circulate freely and move around the fire pit safely.

Next, consider the design you would like. Many modern propane gas fore pits cave a very contemporary and stylish look, often with metallic and chrome accents. Stone is also an option, but this is naturally much heavier and so restricts how and where you might reposition it. 

So are there any drawback to owning a propane gas fire pit? There really aren’t any major drawback, other than maybe if you are an officionado of the taste of flame grilled food. If you are going to use your propane gas fire pit to cook food (and you certainly can), you may notice a taste difference for food cooked over an open wood or coal flame. This is not to say the taste is bad, its just different, and indeed you may prefer it. 

So, should you buy a propane gas fire pit? Yes you should. For all the reasons listed above, for the sheer ease and economy of use, and for the myriad of stylish designs you have to choose from.

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