Why You Might Want To Use Gas Fire Inserts

The gas fireplace inserts are the most energy efficient source of warmth at your home. You can find gas fire inserts in the house at previous fireplaces or anywhere in the house. The gas inserts have no ash dust or smoke. This article looks at the advantages, cost and popular gas inserts in the market. 

1. Advantages of gas fire insert 

A gas fire insert is eco-friendly. They burn with high efficiency producing minimal pollution and smoke. The green aspect makes a gas insert environmentally friendly. 

The gas insert is cheap and an alternative for failing chimney liners to avoid internal masonry repairs. Moreover, you save money as the sealed combustion system through zonal heating reduce heating bills. 

Sealed combustion system 
The system draws air from outside to fuel the chamber allowing you to turn down your furnace while the fireplace is burning. Consequently, a gas insert fireplace does not produce ash or creosote. 

Easy installation 
A gas fireplace is easy to install as you can use the pre-existing masonry or fabricated fireplace to improve your zonal heating during winter. 

2. How to install gas fire insert 

Most gas inserts are usually premade and ready to install. You should hook gas lines properly and the unit vents to conform to the safety regulations. Further, the installation cost is cheaper compared to the wood-burning fireplaces. You can install a gas fire insert into your existing masonry or factory built fireplaces.

The easiest to install is the direct vent gas. The fireplace is put on an exterior wall and vent directly through to the back. Consequently, the use of gas fire inserts is anywhere in the united kingdom as long as you have natural gas or propane connection availability in your home area. 

3. Costs of gas insert fireplace 

When shopping for gas fireplace insert consider the price estimates. 
An existing wood-burning fireplace converted to gas with gas logs have price estimates of $300-$550.

The top-vented gas fireplace had a cast heat exchanger and vented through two pipe chimney system the variety include remote controls, wall switches, and mounted thermostats. The costs estimate from $1200-$2900 

A direct vent gas fireplace installation is through the wall. Direct vents cost between $1200-$3200and installations costs between $600.

Ventless gas insert fireplace cost ranges $400-$1500 inclusive of installation costs. This type of gas insert does not require vents and needs windows to be open 

4. Best gas fireplace inserts 
There are a number of top brands according to their reviews they receive. 

Comfort glow dual GSD2846fuel gas stove 
This gas stove has a capacity of up to 30,000 BTU and warms up big house spaces. This model is vent free and best for classically designed living rooms 

Napoleon Grandville VF series gas fireplace 
This model is safe to use, with an oxygen depletion sensor 
Mercury 32’’ top direct vent gas fireplace 
The model has a great design with ceramic fibre. Besides, its glowing embers effect are of high quality. 


Using fireplace guarantees, you comfort at your home from the various designs available. Gas fireplaces design is versatile and ensures energy efficiency in the house if you compare to other fireplaces. Installation of gas inserts warms the entire house effectively giving you more reason to purchase them.