Contemporary Gas Fires: A Popular Choice

The UK government issued a warning on homes using wood to light fires, so most UK residents have embraced gas fires. Within the past few years, most homes have replaced the use of other sources of fuel for gas. Wood for instance as a source of home heating is not preferred because it emits a lot of smoke which is harmful to the environment as well as the health of the user. Here are some of the benefits of using gas fires. 

• Efficient 

Gas fires provide efficiency because to enjoy some warmth all you need is to start a button. The fires also have a flame effect that offers warmth to the whole room. 

• Clean 

With gas fires, you don’t expect to accumulate any ash or soot. The flames are clean and therefore safe for users. You do not need to worry about respiratory infections due to smoke. 

• Cost effective 

Gas is by far cheaper than other sources of fuel. For instance, with wood, you have to keep buying pieces of the wood, stack, and pile them up. Electricity, on the other hand, is expensive making gas fires the most preferred due to their low costs. 

How Do Gas Fires Add to the Home? 

Gas fireplaces are not only beautiful, but they also give your living room some touch of warmth. One thing that is unique about the gas fireplaces is that you can choose to fit them into your already existing fireplace. Yes, the can be customized to fit into your space. Besides the fitting gas fireplaces, you can also choose to mount your gas fireplace on the wall commonly known as a plasma gas fireplace. Lastly, you can also choose to buy the freestanding gas fireplace that is often placed on a raised ground away from the wall. Once the fire is lit, the flame effects produce a site you can’t resist. You could sit and gaze for hours without end as you enjoy the warmth. Gas fireplaces are therefore a great addition to any modern home in the UK. 

Are Gas Fires Expensive to Run? 

To know how much you need to use on a gas fireplace, a lot of things come into consideration. For instance, the size of your house, the design, as well as the form of insulation you have within your building. It, therefore, translates that it is cheaper to run a gas fireplace in a smaller house as opposed to a big one. A domestic household averagely uses between 3 to 5 kilowatts of gas energy. It costs about 5 pounds for each kilowatt used. When compared to other heating systems, gas fires are the most effective to run. 

What Are Different Styles Available? 

There are a variety of options for anyone who wants to install a contemporary gas fireplace within their home. Other than just the traditional gas fires, it is now possible to create flame effects of pebbles, coal, and logs. 

• Traditional Gas Fires 

These fires are fitted into the normal fireplace opening. The trims are magnetic and can easily be changed. The most common finishes for this fireplace are black and brass. 

• Glass Fronted Gas Fires 

With this fireplace, fuel efficiency is achieved. This is the best model for families with small children who can easily jump into a fire. However, the glass still gets hot. 

• Wall Mounted Gas Fires 

The wall mounted gas fires act as wall hangings especially in households with small living rooms that cannot accommodate a hearth. Furthermore, this type of fireplace is efficient because heat is not lost from the chimney. 

• Outset Gas Fires 

These gas fires offer a wide range of installation options. For instance, it is possible to fit them into chimneys, hang them on the wall without, or stand them on a hearth. 

Price Ranges 

Most gas fires range between 200 to 500 pounds. The cost of installation depends on the seller, but mostly it is about 600 pounds. 

Gas Fire versus Electric Fires 

Both electric and gas fires provide high fuel efficiency. Most people in the UK are always in a dilemma on which one to use within their homes. However, each choice suits different users. But ultimately, one’s budget determines the type of heating system they can use. 

Electricity is known as one of the most expensive fuels in the UK. With gas fires, less energy is required to heat a home. Eventually, your energy bills are lowered as opposed to if you opt for electric fires. 


Gas fires have gained popularity over the years in the UK. Most residents prefer gas fires to other types of heating systems because they are cheaper, efficient, and are eco-friendly. Gas fires come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. For instance, there are the traditional gas fires; wall mounted gas fires, outset gas fires, and the glass-fronted gas fires. The prices of these fires often range between 200 to 500 pounds and the cost of running them is relatively low. Jump to top

Why You Might Want To Use Gas Fire Inserts

The gas fireplace inserts are the most energy efficient source of warmth at your home. You can find gas fire inserts in the house at previous fireplaces or anywhere in the house. The gas inserts have no ash dust or smoke. This article looks at the advantages, cost and popular gas inserts in the market. 

1. Advantages of gas fire insert 

A gas fire insert is eco-friendly. They burn with high efficiency producing minimal pollution and smoke. The green aspect makes a gas insert environmentally friendly. 

The gas insert is cheap and an alternative for failing chimney liners to avoid internal masonry repairs. Moreover, you save money as the sealed combustion system through zonal heating reduce heating bills. 

Sealed combustion system 
The system draws air from outside to fuel the chamber allowing you to turn down your furnace while the fireplace is burning. Consequently, a gas insert fireplace does not produce ash or creosote. 

Easy installation 
A gas fireplace is easy to install as you can use the pre-existing masonry or fabricated fireplace to improve your zonal heating during winter. 

2. How to install gas fire insert 

Most gas inserts are usually premade and ready to install. You should hook gas lines properly and the unit vents to conform to the safety regulations. Further, the installation cost is cheaper compared to the wood-burning fireplaces. You can install a gas fire insert into your existing masonry or factory built fireplaces.

The easiest to install is the direct vent gas. The fireplace is put on an exterior wall and vent directly through to the back. Consequently, the use of gas fire inserts is anywhere in the united kingdom as long as you have natural gas or propane connection availability in your home area. 

3. Costs of gas insert fireplace 

When shopping for gas fireplace insert consider the price estimates. 
An existing wood-burning fireplace converted to gas with gas logs have price estimates of $300-$550.

The top-vented gas fireplace had a cast heat exchanger and vented through two pipe chimney system the variety include remote controls, wall switches, and mounted thermostats. The costs estimate from $1200-$2900 

A direct vent gas fireplace installation is through the wall. Direct vents cost between $1200-$3200and installations costs between $600.

Ventless gas insert fireplace cost ranges $400-$1500 inclusive of installation costs. This type of gas insert does not require vents and needs windows to be open 

4. Best gas fireplace inserts 
There are a number of top brands according to their reviews they receive. 

Comfort glow dual GSD2846fuel gas stove 
This gas stove has a capacity of up to 30,000 BTU and warms up big house spaces. This model is vent free and best for classically designed living rooms 

Napoleon Grandville VF series gas fireplace 
This model is safe to use, with an oxygen depletion sensor 
Mercury 32’’ top direct vent gas fireplace 
The model has a great design with ceramic fibre. Besides, its glowing embers effect are of high quality. 


Using fireplace guarantees, you comfort at your home from the various designs available. Gas fireplaces design is versatile and ensures energy efficiency in the house if you compare to other fireplaces. Installation of gas inserts warms the entire house effectively giving you more reason to purchase them.

Leading inset flueless gas fire brands

Inset gas fireplaces have become a favourite design choice for many households. They not only create a striking focal point for your living space but also enhance energy efficiency. This is because all the heat is retained in the chimney, making it 100% efficient, and the room warm. Additionally, it is easy to fit the inset gas fires into an existing fireplace. This way, you can enjoy the warmth of a living flame for your home whether you have a chimney or not. Here are inset flueless gas firebrands you should consider. 


The company has produced gas fires for more than 45 years and has earned a reputation for creating innovative designs, style and safety. Every Verine inset flueless gas fire is subjected to rigorous tests to provide high-quality gas fire. The brand offers a five-year guarantee, which shows how confident it is in its products. 


• The insets fit a wide variety of Verine frets 
• Products can be controlled manually or electronically 
• Available in different sizes and styles to fit in various living spaces 


• High priced products 

Eko Fires 

The company has been at the forefront of designing revolutionary gas and electric firebrands. Eko Fires boasts an extensive offering in diverse ranges, including iconic fire solutions that complement the interior of your living space. Their products challenge traditional designs while focusing on the needs of the customer and his expectations. Eko Fires inset flueless gas fire products feature essential performance measures like heat production, efficiency rating, and cost of running them to help users make an informed decision. 


• Flueless gas fires available in trim and fret options 
• The gas fires are 100% energy efficient 
• The running cost allows users to choose a product that suits their space 


• Most of them have a heat rating of 1.5-3.1 kW hence, may not warm the space adequately 

Valor Fires 

The brand has a standing reputation for producing high-quality gas and electric fires. The fires are available in a range of colours and designs, control types, fret styles and engine types to allow homeowners to choose the perfect fit for their space. If you don’t have a chimney, Valor’s full depth and Slimline options come in handy. The full-depth convectors combine radiant and convected heat for warmth in your living space while the Slimline design is designed for shallow fireplace openings. The model is available in select designs and has an open front for maximum efficiency. 


• Adaptable to existing fireplaces 
• Living areas with limited spaces can use Slimline designs 
• Affordable 
• Up to 89% energy efficiency 
• Inset fires are fitted with a glass front to prevent energy wastage and maximise efficiency 


• You may end up spending lots of cash on gas 
• Does not offer the traditional snap and pop of the real fire 

Flavel Gas Fires 

The brand dates back to the mid-17th century. Then the founders specialised in the production of armouries and gunpowder but later ventured into creating gas fires. Flavel fires are available in a range of traditional and contemporary styles to fit any living space. Apart from the inset flueless designs, the company also offers hole in the wall fire and outset designs. 


• Up to 93.5% energy efficiency 
• Fires available in a slimline design 
• The company offers a three-year warranty for all its products 


• Can only be installed in shallow fireplaces

Balanced flue gas fires: what are they?

Days of installing old style chimneys with long stacks shooting off the roof are long gone. In the contemporary home, innovative fireplace stoves that use gas fire are quickly gaining popularity. These are called balanced flue gas fire. But what are they and how do they work? 

Balanced Flue Gas Fires

These are special gas fires that are connected to the air from outside via a concentric flue. Their discerning feature is a glass front that seals the whole system from the room where it has been installed. The glass provides better insulation thus maximum heating can be achieved. It also prevents draught that often undermines the efficiency of such systems. 

Balanced flue gas fires have been designed to suck in more oxygen and dissipate exhaust gases out through a wall flue. This process uses the natural convection mechanism. 

Balanced Flue Gas Fires Vs. Power Flue Gas Fires

These two are great alternatives to the traditional fireplace. However, they differ from each other in their mode of operation. The power flues are fitted with a fan that creates a suction pressure to expunge bad fumes from the flames and directs them outside. Balanced flues, on the other hand, are sealed at the front with glass. They bring clean air in to improve combustion and at the same time take the exhaust gases out via a double-walled duct buried in the wall. 

The Advantages of Balanced Flue Gas fires

Based on their closed combustion design, they have an advantage over their power flue counterparts with regards to heating efficiency. As they bring in fresh air from outside, more oxygen is available to mix with the gas for complete burning. Consequently, they do not rely on the oxygen inside the house and thus do not deplete it. 

These gas fires are not restricted to a particular chimney size. In fact, they can work with or without a chimney. The advantage of that is that you can get them in any design, size, and shape based on the available space in your house. Common ones include letterbox, portrait, and landscape models. These can further be classified into two-sided, three-sided, see-through tunnel gas fires, and standalone gas stoves. It is also important to mention that you can fit them either on the ceiling or the wall depending on your preferences or room requirements. 

When to Apply Them

As mentioned earlier, these appliances can be used to replace the traditional fireplace to benefit from their efficacy and innovative design. They are applicable whether you have an existing chimney or not. If your current chimney is a UK Class 1 type, a balanced flue gas fire can be fixed easily with little building work involved. However, letterbox balanced flues like DRU Global 100 or Metro 100XT require a considerable amount of building. This usually takes a day. 

These are some of the important things to know about balanced flue gas fires. If you still have the old-style chimneys, perhaps you can consider these for a fresher and warmer room. They are also quite aesthetic and can make great centrepiece furniture in your living room.