Gas log fires: ideal for any home

Want to go for beauty and efficiency at the same time? Then gas log fires are the best option for this. With a gas log fire, you get to choose from a variety of displays. From ceramic logs to stone logs, the variety covers everyone’s taste and preference. The gas fireplace also is diverse in finishes and the glass front gives a complimentary beautiful front display. 

Get a lot of Heat Fast 

Compared to traditional fires, the gas logs provide instantaneous heat and produces more even heat compared to traditional fires places using wood. With the gas log fires, there is the constant heat compared to traditional fireplace fires where the wood burns out. You don’t have to keep an eye on the fire as it is automatic and hence there is no need to turn the wood as with traditional fireplaces. 

Instantaneous turn on and off 

With gas logs, you can get it up and running with just the push of a button. You don’t have to take time starting the fire as with wood fireplaces. It is much easier and less strenuous with gas log fires. 

Resale Value 

Want to increase the value of your home? Investing in a gas log fireplace is one sure way of doing this. Because of its beauty and advantages, the gas log fireplaces goes a long way in increasing the value of your home. 

No Cleanups 

With gas log fires there is no need for cleanups. Using natural gas makes this possible as there is no residue left after use. Compared to wood fireplaces where you have to clear out the ashes after a night of warmth, the gas log fires are much cleaner and require less maintenance. 

Say Goodbye to Wood Storage 

When you are using wood fireplaces, there is a need to have ample wood to burn especially during the cold seasons. This will require you to have a wood storage place where you can stock all the wood you’ll use. With a gas log fire, there is no need for this as the fire runs on gas therefore, there is no need to stalk up wood as with the case with wood fireplaces. You get to save up on space and can use it for other purposes. 

Effortless Comfort 

Tired of splitting, cutting, drying and carrying wood all over? With the gas log fires, this all goes away. This can be really tiring and hard especially if you are old or not as strong to break the wood. If you are running on a tight schedule, you might not find time to go through the due process to have heat when using wood fireplaces. Gas log fires are instant and do not require you to prepare or carry any wood. 

Ease Use of Thermostats and Remotes 

Gas log fireplaces offer the user complete control where you can regulate the temperature or even turn off the fireplace at will. With temperature measured with thermostats, you can adjust it to where it feels just right. This cannot be achieved with a wood fireplace. Some gas log fireplaces also come with timers. You can set it to come on and off and certain intervals making them very flexible for the user. 

Can Be Installed Almost Everywhere 

The gas log fireplaces can be built into walls or even existing fireplaces. The fireplace can also be freestanding in a room. They are quick to install and some models do not require a chimney. With their versatile installation capabilities, they are really user-friendly compared to the traditional fireplace. 


With wood fireplaces, there is a constant requirement to have wood to burn. This over a long time takes a toll on the environment. Constant cutting down of trees leads to inevitable climate changes and also affects wildlife. With the gas log fires, this is avoided. The gas log fires do not run on wood and therefore, there is no damage to the environment. 

Safe Usage 

When you have kids around or pets, you have to keep an eye on them with the wood fireplace. Accidents could be fatal with these fireplaces. With a gas log fire, it is controlled and the kids can play safely and there are also no sparks flying away. 

Different Designs for Gas Log Fire Place 

There are different designs for the fireplace. One of the choices is vented or vent-free. The vent-free fireplaces are the easiest to install as they do not require a pre-existing chimney. 

Gas Log Appearance 

If you want a realistic look for your fireplace, the white whiskey mountain heart is the best option. Each log is hand painted and provides a detailed look. 

Gas log fireplaces have a wide range of advantages compare to wood fireplaces. However, choosing the right combination of fuel source, venting, and log types gives all the difference. To get the best look and performance from your gas log fireplace it is important to consider all these factors.