Contemporary Gas Fires: A Popular Choice

The UK government issued a warning on homes using wood to light fires, so most UK residents have embraced gas fires. Within the past few years, most homes have replaced the use of other sources of fuel for gas. Wood for instance as a source of home heating is not preferred because it emits a lot of smoke which is harmful to the environment as well as the health of the user. Here are some of the benefits of using gas fires. 

• Efficient 

Gas fires provide efficiency because to enjoy some warmth all you need is to start a button. The fires also have a flame effect that offers warmth to the whole room. 

• Clean 

With gas fires, you don’t expect to accumulate any ash or soot. The flames are clean and therefore safe for users. You do not need to worry about respiratory infections due to smoke. 

• Cost effective 

Gas is by far cheaper than other sources of fuel. For instance, with wood, you have to keep buying pieces of the wood, stack, and pile them up. Electricity, on the other hand, is expensive making gas fires the most preferred due to their low costs. 

How Do Gas Fires Add to the Home? 

Gas fireplaces are not only beautiful, but they also give your living room some touch of warmth. One thing that is unique about the gas fireplaces is that you can choose to fit them into your already existing fireplace. Yes, the can be customized to fit into your space. Besides the fitting gas fireplaces, you can also choose to mount your gas fireplace on the wall commonly known as a plasma gas fireplace. Lastly, you can also choose to buy the freestanding gas fireplace that is often placed on a raised ground away from the wall. Once the fire is lit, the flame effects produce a site you can’t resist. You could sit and gaze for hours without end as you enjoy the warmth. Gas fireplaces are therefore a great addition to any modern home in the UK. 

Are Gas Fires Expensive to Run? 

To know how much you need to use on a gas fireplace, a lot of things come into consideration. For instance, the size of your house, the design, as well as the form of insulation you have within your building. It, therefore, translates that it is cheaper to run a gas fireplace in a smaller house as opposed to a big one. A domestic household averagely uses between 3 to 5 kilowatts of gas energy. It costs about 5 pounds for each kilowatt used. When compared to other heating systems, gas fires are the most effective to run. 

What Are Different Styles Available? 

There are a variety of options for anyone who wants to install a contemporary gas fireplace within their home. Other than just the traditional gas fires, it is now possible to create flame effects of pebbles, coal, and logs. 

• Traditional Gas Fires 

These fires are fitted into the normal fireplace opening. The trims are magnetic and can easily be changed. The most common finishes for this fireplace are black and brass. 

• Glass Fronted Gas Fires 

With this fireplace, fuel efficiency is achieved. This is the best model for families with small children who can easily jump into a fire. However, the glass still gets hot. 

• Wall Mounted Gas Fires 

The wall mounted gas fires act as wall hangings especially in households with small living rooms that cannot accommodate a hearth. Furthermore, this type of fireplace is efficient because heat is not lost from the chimney. 

• Outset Gas Fires 

These gas fires offer a wide range of installation options. For instance, it is possible to fit them into chimneys, hang them on the wall without, or stand them on a hearth. 

Price Ranges 

Most gas fires range between 200 to 500 pounds. The cost of installation depends on the seller, but mostly it is about 600 pounds. 

Gas Fire versus Electric Fires 

Both electric and gas fires provide high fuel efficiency. Most people in the UK are always in a dilemma on which one to use within their homes. However, each choice suits different users. But ultimately, one’s budget determines the type of heating system they can use. 

Electricity is known as one of the most expensive fuels in the UK. With gas fires, less energy is required to heat a home. Eventually, your energy bills are lowered as opposed to if you opt for electric fires. 


Gas fires have gained popularity over the years in the UK. Most residents prefer gas fires to other types of heating systems because they are cheaper, efficient, and are eco-friendly. Gas fires come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. For instance, there are the traditional gas fires; wall mounted gas fires, outset gas fires, and the glass-fronted gas fires. The prices of these fires often range between 200 to 500 pounds and the cost of running them is relatively low. Jump to top